• Jewel Match Solitaire Winterscapes

    Schenk een warm drankje in, zorg dat het binnen behaaglijk is en trek je terug voor een ijskoud avontuur! Geniet van besneeuwde landschappen, kies jouw favoriete set kaarten en selecteer een moeilijkheidsgraad die je aanspreekt. Dankzij de duidelijke…

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    Jewel Match Twilight Solitaire

    [349]Lord Lovat was the last who was brought to the block for this rebellion, and we will conclude our account of it with his trial and execution, though they did not take place till March, 1747. Lovat had not appeared in arms, nor committed any overt act, and therefore it was difficult to[110] convict him. The cunning old sycophant hoped to elude the law, as he had done so often before, but Murray of Broughton, the brother of Murray, afterwards Lord Mansfield, to save his own life, turned king's evidence, and won eternal infamy by sacrificing his own friends. He not only produced letters and other documents which amply proved the guilt of Lovat, but threw broad daylight on the whole plan and progress of the insurrection from 1740 onwards. The conduct of Lovat on his trial was as extraordinary as his life had been. He alternately endeavoured to excite compassion, especially that of Cumberlandwho attended this, though he avoided the trials of the other insurgentsby representing how he had carried his Royal Highness in his arms about Kensington and Hampton Court Parks as a child, and then by the most amusing jests, laughter, execrations, and tricks, to puzzle or confuse the witnesses.De Jewel Match-reeks neemt een griezelige wending in dit spannende solitaire-avontuur! Ontdek en herbouw griezelige en vervallen kastelen maar wees op je hoede voor de vampiers die door het gebied struinen. Doorzoek de duistere, met spinrag bedekte hoeken…

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    UFC 3 is vanaf nu beschikbaar!

    ufc 3

    De echte liefhebber heeft er even op moeten wachten. Het moment is echter dan nu echt daar. UFC 3 is vanaf nu beschikbaar! Het heeft een klein jaar geduurd sinds de release van UFC 2, maar het wachten…

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    Wat zijn simulatie spellen?

    [See larger version]Wat zijn simulatie spellen? Simulatie spellen is een bekend genre in de gamewereld. In een simulatie spel wordt dus een bepaalde omgeving of activiteit zo realistisch mogelijk nagemaakt. Bij die activiteiten moet je denken aan simulatie spellen waarbij…

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    Nieuwe Game van Denda: The Curio Society – New Order Collector’s Edition

    Sinds kort ben je werkzaam voor het Curio Genootschap, een geheime organisatie die probeert te voorkomen dat gevaarlijke artefacten in verkeerde handen vallen. Toch is een oude vijand erin geslaagd een bijzonder gevaarlijk artefact te stelen. Nu is…

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    Nieuwe Release van Denda: Mystery Tales – Eye of the Fire Collector’s Edition

    Character of the new KingPosition of the MinistryDiscussion in the Lords on a RegencyBrougham's Speech in the CommonsThe King in LondonBrougham's Slavery SpeechThe DissolutionSketch of the July RevolutionIts Effects in EnglandThe ElectionsTheir Results in England and IrelandDeath of HuskissonDisturbances in EnglandThe King's SpeechDeclarations of Grey and Wellington on ReformBroughams NoticeEffect of the Duke's Speech-Agitation in IrelandAnd against the PolicePostponement of the King's Visit to the Mansion HouseResignation of Wellington's MinistryGrey forms a MinistryBrougham's PositionThe MinistryGrey's StatementAgricultural EnglandCobbett and CarlileAffairs in IrelandLord AngleseyHis Struggle with O'ConnellO'Connell's Prosecution droppedThe Birmingham Political unionPreparation of the Reform BillIt is entrusted to Lord John RussellThe BudgetThe Bill introducedThe First Reading carriedFeeling in the CountryThe Second Reading carriedGascoigne's AmendmentA Dissolution agreed uponScene in the LordsThe PressThe Illuminations and RiotsThe New ParliamentDiscussions on the Dissolution and O'ConnellThe Second Reform BillThe Second ReadingThe Bill in CommitteeIt is carried to the LordsDebate on the Second ReadingThe Bill rejectedPopular ExcitementLord Ebrington's ResolutionProrogation of ParliamentLord John Russell's DeclarationThe Bristol RiotsColonel Brereton.Katharina heeft last van vreselijke nachtmerries waarin een griezelige geestgedaante contact met haar zoekt. De nachtmerries zijn zo levensecht dat Katharina aan niets anders meer kan denken. Ze heeft gehoord dat jij over een bijzondere gave beschikt en…

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    Nieuwe release van Denda Games: Crossroad Mysteries – The Broken Deal

    "I don't know anything whatever about it," he answered; "that is none of my affair. I should be surprised if he were, and I must say I am inclined to think he is not."Sinds het moment dat er mysterieuze verwondingen op haar handen verschenen, is een jonge vrouw de wanhoop nabij. De wonden gaan maar niet weg en de artsen staan voor een raadsel. Wat is er met haar aan de…

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    Nieuwe game van Denda games: The Legacy 2 – Prisoner Collector’s Edition

    Thus occupying the right bank of the Aller, and the French the left, or western side, the Russians advanced to Friedland, not many miles from Eylau. At Friedland was a long wooden bridge crossing the Aller, and there, on the 13th of June, Buonaparte, by a stratagem, succeeded in drawing part of the Russians over the bridge by showing only Oudinot's division, which had been severely handled at the battle of Heilsberg. The[544] temptation was too great. Benningsen forgot his usual caution, and allowed a division of his army to cross and attack Oudinot. Oudinot retired fighting, and thus induced more of the Russians to follow, till, finding his troops hotly pressed, Benningsen marched his whole force over, and then Napoleon showed his entire army. Benningsen saw that he was entrapped, and must fight, under great disadvantages, with an enfeebled army, and in an open space, where they were surrounded by a dense host of French, who could cover themselves amid woods and hills, and pour in a tempest of cannon-balls on the exposed Russians. It was the anniversary of the battle of Marengo, and Buonaparte believed the day one of his fortunate ones. Benningsen was obliged to reduce his number by sending six thousand men to defend and keep open the bridge of Allerburg, some miles lower down the Aller, and which kept open his chance of union with L'Estocq and his Prussians. Notwithstanding all these disadvantages, Benningsen fought desperately. The battle continued from ten o'clock in the morning till four o'clock in the afternoon, when Buonaparte brought up his full force in person for one of those terrible and overwhelming shocks by which he generally terminated a doubtful contest. There was such a simultaneous roar of musketry and cavalry as seemed enough to sweep away the Russians like chaff. The batteries poured down upon them a rain of no less than three thousand ball and five hundred grape-shot charges; yet the Russians did not flinch till they had at least twelve thousand killed and wounded. It was then determined to retreat across the river, and, two fords having been found, the Czar's Imperial Guard charged the troops of Ney with the bayonet, and kept them at bay till the army was over. The transit was marvellous in its success. All their cannon, except seventeen, were saved, and all their baggage.Thus entered the year 1717. It had been intended to open Parliament immediately on the king's return, but the discovery of a new and singular phase of the Jacobite conspiracy compelled its postponement. We have seen that the trafficking of George with Denmark for the bishoprics of Bremen and Verden, reft in the king of Sweden's absence from his possession, had incensed that monarch, and made him vow that he would support the Pretender and march into Scotland with twelve thousand men. Such a menace on the part of a general like Charles XII. was not likely to pass unnoticed by the Jacobites. The Duke of Berwick had taken up the idea very eagerly. He had held several conferences upon it with Baron Spaar, the Swedish Minister at Paris, and he had sent a trusty minister to Charles at Stralsund, with the proposal that a body of seven or eight thousand Swedes, then encamped near Gothenburg, should embark at that port, whence, with a favourable wind, they could land in Scotland in eight-and-forty hours. The Pretender agreed to furnish one hundred and fifty thousand livres for their expenses. At that time, however, Charles was closely besieged by the Danes, Prussians, and their new ally, George of Hanover, purchased by the bribe of Bremen and Verden. Charles was compelled by this coalition to retire from Stralsund, but only in a mood of deeper indignation against the King of England, and therefore more favourable to his enemies.Op haar vrije dag ontvangt Diana een verontrustend bericht van haar baas. In het museum waar ze met veel plezier werkt, zijn vernielingen aangericht. Dianas baas denkt dat het om een kwajongensstreek gaat maar Diana merkt al snel…

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    Denda Games komt met een nieuwe release: Dark Romance – Curse of Bluebeard Collector’s Edition

    The greater part of the House, as well as the public out of doors, were captivated with the scheme, which promised thus easily to relieve them of the monster debt; but Sir Grey Cooper was the first to disturb these fairy fancies. He declared that the whole was based on a fallacious statement; that it was doubtful whether the actual surplus was as described; but even were it so, that it was but the surplus of a particular year, and that it was like the proprietor of a hop-ground endeavouring to borrow money on the guarantee of its proceeds in a particularly favourable year. Fox, Burke, and Sheridan followed in the same strain. They argued that, supposing the assumed surplus actually to exist, which they doubted, it would immediately vanish in case of war, and a fresh mass of debt be laid on.[315] Sheridan said, the only mode of paying off a million a year would be to make a loan of a million a year, for the Minister reminded him of the person in the comedy who said, "If you won't lend me the money, how can I pay you?" On the 14th of May he moved a string of fourteen resolutions unfavourable to the report of the Committee, which he said contained facts which could not be negatived; but the House did negative them all without a division, and on the 15th of May passed the Bill. In the Lords it met with some proposals from Earl Stanhope, which were to render the violation of the Act equivalent to an act of bankruptcy, but these were negatived, and the Bill was passed there on the 26th. It was not until 1828 that the fallacy on which the Bill rested was finally exposed by Lord Grenville, who, curiously enough, had been chairman of the Committee which recommended its adoption.Door een vloek veranderen alle kinderen van graaf Blauwbaard direct na hun geboorte in monsters. Toch weigert Blauwbaard zich bij het lot neer te leggen. Keer op keer gaat hij op zoek naar een nieuwe echtgenote. Dit keer…

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    Rayman Legends (Uplay)

    Landor interrupted by taking the slipper from Felipa's foot and killing with it a centipede that crawled up the wall of the abode. "That's the second," he said, as he put the shoe on again. "I killed one yesterday; the third will come to-morrow." Then he went back to his chair and to the discussion, and before long he was called to the adjutant's office.{sjtxt}Duik samen met Rayman en zijn vrienden in wonderlijke schilderijen en val van het ene avontuur in het andere in Rayman Legends, eenavontuurspeldat je een unieke spelervaring biedt! Rayman, een van de leukste spelpersonages ooit, trekt avontuur als…

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